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The heartrending destruction by fire of St. John’s Church Lunenburg in 2001 subsequently led to the discovery of a number of previously-unrecognized details about the Church’s early history. One of the most interesting was the original purpose behind the design of the star-studded “Mariner’s Sky” that had long adorned the Church’s chapel ceiling. Consultations in 2004 between the speaker and Era Studio, contracted to replicate the original artwork of the Church, resulted in the unexpected discovery that the chapel ceiling star scene was more than an honor to the town’s maritime tradition, but rather a depiction of the sky on the traditional date of the first Christmas. The story behind that discovery is revealed here, along with a personal guide to the constellations and stellar asterisms that grace the renovated chapel ceiling, generated in large part with the aid of computer graphics. The story of the discovery has been highlighted by the media several times, but always without an answer to the key question of “how was it done?” Many other questions also remain to be answered: who created the original star pattern, how was it created, when was it done, and who put it on the ceiling originally? Most of the questions have been partially answered by recent detective work, as revealed here. And the newly-renovated chapel ceiling has become the acknowledged highlight for recent visitors to St. John’s, a tribute to the striking work done by Era Studio in its restoration work.