NEWS FROM THE HALIFAX PLANETARIUM—We are sorry to disappoint our visitors, but PUBLIC shows are still suspended.

The Planetarium is now open for presentations to schools, community and special interest groups. Group organizers should contact directly.

email: planetarium AT

telephone: (902) 494-2314

The Discovery Centre in Halifax presents sky shows for children in its Dome Theatre.

Halifax Planetarium showcases a vintage Spitz projector that is owned by the NS Museum of Natural History, housed and operated by Dalhousie University Department of Physics & Atmospheric Science, and operated by volunteers from the university and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada—Halifax Centre.

The heart of the Planetarium, a Spitz Model A-1 projector dating from the 1950s on indefinite loan from the NS Museum of Natural History, has been in its current location for well over 40 years.

Although the Halifax Planetarium is not as big as others in Canada, its size is ideal for small groups (up to 30) and allows for a close interaction between the operator and the audience.

The planetarium is housed at the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science in the Sir James Dunn Building at Dalhousie University.

2009—The International Year of Astronomy—saw a major revitalization of shows at the Halifax Planetarium.  Thanks to many dedicated individuals, from many different groups, we now have a series of public shows.  These shows have been running at capacity, in some cases with a second show being added to accommodate the demand.