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The Dan McLennan Memorial Lecture in Astronomy—Dr. Sara Seager


(RASC Halifax—this lecture is in place of your regular October meeting)


Speaker: Dr. Sara Seager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Sara Seager


When: Friday, October 20,  7:00pm

Where: McNally Theatre Auditorium, Saint Mary's University, 923 Robie St
It is recommended that you book a free ticket.

Thousands of exoplanets are known to orbit nearby stars with compelling evidence that all stars in our Milky Way Galaxy likely have planets. Beyond their discovery, a new era of "exoplanet characterization" is underway with an astonishing diversity of exoplanets driving the fields of planetary science and engineering to new frontiers. The push to find smaller and smaller planets down to Earth size is succeeding and motivating the next generation of space telescopes to have the capability to find and identify habitable worlds. The ultimate goal is to discover planets that may have suitable conditions for life or even signs of life by way of atmospheric biosignature gases.

 Dr Seager's Biography

Dr. Seager is an Honorary Member of the

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada


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