On 2022 June 13, the International Astronomical Union added the name Kejimkujik to minor planet (asteroid) 497593. Here’s the citation:

(497593) Kejimkujik = 2006 JU69

Discovery: 2006-05-01 / P. A. Wiegert / Mauna Kea / 568

“Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site is an area of natural beauty and historical significance in Nova Scotia, Canada. The indigenous Mi'kmaq people consider Kejimkujik to be a sacred ancestral place. The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada declared Kejimkujik to be a Dark Sky Preserve in 2010.”

The nomination was suggested by David Chapman (RASC), Cathy LeBlanc (Acadia First Nation), Roy Bishop (RASC), James Hesser (RASC), and Peter Jedicke (RASC), and submitted to the IAU by the discoverer Prof. Paul Wiegert (University of Western Ontario).

Minor planet Kejimkujik is an irregular 2 km rocky object in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Currently appearing in the constellation Pisces, it is only observable in professional telescopes.

Here is the link to its orbital elements and other data.

Link to formal announcement.