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Night With the Stars (South Shore) | Sat 21 Feb PDF Print E-mail



Constellations: Stars and Sky Stories | Thu 12 Feb PDF Print E-mail


Constellations: Stars and Sky Stories


Presented at Halifax Central Library branch by

Dave Chapman—RASC Halifax Centre


Cathy LeBlanc—Acadia First Nation

Thursday, 12 February at 7:00 p.m. at the First Nations' Circle (Floor 3)
Just follow the sound of the drums and singing, because our special guests will be

Women of the Shore (all-woman First Nations big drum group)



 After the drumming and singing, Cathy will read a welcome poem.

Then Dave will tell you about the stars and constellations.

Learn how all nations see the same stars, but see different patterns and tell different stories.

 This is an adult program—children 8 and up are welcome, with supervision.

Astronomy Course - 10 Friday Afternoons at Woodlawn Library PDF Print E-mail

with Dr. Gary Welch, Professor Emeritus, SMU Department of Astronomy and Physics

This free astronomy course is for anyone whose interest has been sparked by reports of astronomical events or discoveries and who wants to learn more. The plan is to cover essentially all aspects of astronomy (including of course life in space, black holes, the expanding universe, supernovas, and death of our sun) at approximately the level of a first-year university introductory course for non-scientists. It would be preferred that class members come to ask questions too. A course outline will be handed out during the first class and glossary each week to help smooth the terminology bumps.

When: Friday afternoons at 1:30-3:30 p.m. starting Fri 23 Jan (no class March 20)
Where: Woodlawn Library, Dartmouth

Follow a commitment of life-long learning. Presented with the Seniors College Association of Nova Scotia.

FREE Night Sky Tour | Thu 26 Feb PDF Print E-mail

FREE! Night Sky Tour 

Join amateur astronomers in viewing the Jupiter, the Orion Nebula, the Moon, and more!




 Thursday, 26 February, 6:30–8:00 p.m

Location:  Atlantic Photo Supply, 202 Brownlow Avenue

(Burnside Avenue side), Dartmouth, NS  (map)


Come out to view the night sky with us! There will be several telescopes available operated by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

All ages welcome! Refreshments provided!

 Cloud date: Fri 27 Feb



Library Astronomy Talks | Jan–Feb 2015 PDF Print E-mail


The Sky—Yours to Discover

Presented at Halifax Public Library branches by amateur astronomers from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) Halifax Centre.

Is Anyone Out There? (Paul Heath) 

Ages 7+. Explore where life might be found in the Solar System and beyond, then see if we can discover what they would look like!! Can You Spot the ALIEN?!


Comet Tales (Dave Chapman)

Ages 7+. The appearance in the sky of a great comet has been fascinating and frightening humankind for thousands of years. We will recall tales of great comets from bygone times and learn about the true “dirty snowball” nature of comets. Will there be any great comets passing by this year?


Constellations: Stars & Sky Stories (Paul Heath or Dave Chapman)

All ages. Learn to find some key stars and constellations and the stories behind them. Why do many cultures see a bear in the sky? Hear the Mi’kmaw story of Muin and the Seven Bird Hunters.

CENTRAL: Thursday, February 12/7 p.m.

Set Course for Ceti Alpha V (Pat Kelly)

Science has provided several methods for detecting what only sci-fi writers have dreamed about—planets around other stars. Hear the latest and how you can keep track of them. And yes, there’s an app for that.

 ALDERNEY GATE: Wednesday, February 4/7 p.m.

Astronomy with Binoculars (Paul Heath)

Learn how to choose binoculars for astronomy and how to use them to explore the Moon, planets, star clusters, and the brighter galaxies and nebulae. You may already have what you need to get started!

WOODLAWN: Wednesday, February 11/7 p.m


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