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Liverpool: "Guided Tour of the Milky Way" | Tue 18 Aug PDF Print E-mail

A Guided Tour of the Milky Way: Milky Way

interesting objects to view

with your binoculars.


Date: Tuesday August 18, 7:30 – 9:00.

Where: The ASTOR THEATRE, 59 Gorham Street, Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Admission: $5 ($10 per family) 

From July to September the Milky Way shines brightly in a clear night sky. It contains many of the easily observed and interesting deep sky objects that we can view with binoculars. We are putting on a flat screen planetarium show at the Astor Theatre that will explain to you what to look for in the Milky Way (including galaxies, open clusters, globular clusters, double stars, planetary nebula, and emission nebula) and how to use your binoculars to find them. You will enjoy the show just as much without binoculars but if you have a pair we encourage you to bring them as you will have opportunities to practice with them during the show.

If the sky is clear we will go down to the park after the show (9:15 – 10:30) and find these objects with binoculars for those who are interested in putting into practice what they have learned.


Planetarium: "Downtown Milky Way" | Thu 20 Aug PDF Print E-mail


Time: Thursday, August 20th, 

      **Two Shows** 7:15 pm & 8:45 pm

Location: Rm. 120, Dunn Bldg, Dalhousie University, 6310 Coburg Rd

Presenter: Patrick Kelly

Title:  "Downtown Milky Way"

Come and learn the basic constellations that can be seen at this time of year.You will also learn about the galaxy in which we live, the Milky Way. The Sun is just one of about 300 billion stars that compose the Milky Way. We are located out in the suburbs… if an alien asked you which way it was to the downtown, could you direct them? You will after this show!

Admission:  $5 (at the door); reductions for families (min. age 8 years)

Reservations required. To reserve seats, e-mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , stating show date and time, number of adults, and number of children (8–15).

Families with children will be given preference for the 7:15 show. 

The Show is about an hour long. Full details will be sent before the Show.
Please do not be late; no admission after the door closes.

Please note that shows are most suitable for ages 8 and up; for younger children, please consider visiting the Discovery Centre for age-appropriate shows in their Digitarium.

Burke-Gaffney Observatory Public Telescope Viewing - Friday Nights PDF Print E-mail

Join us for a peek through the telescope at Saint Mary's University's Burke-Gaffney Observatory.

Detailed information about our Public Telescope Viewing Nights is here.

The scheduled upcoming dates are:

  • Friday, August 14 at 9:30pm
  • Friday, August 21 at 9pm (planned, but not confirmed yet)
  • Friday, August 28 at 9pm (planned, but not confirmed yet)

Due to limited space, free tickets must be reserved online.

Any other information can be obtained by contacting Dave Lane, Observatory Director.
We also offer private tours for groups of people. Details are here.


Nova East Star Party | Aug 14–16 PDF Print E-mail

Nova East Star Party  

August 14–16, 2015

Smiley's Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Guest speaker: Alan Dyer (premier astrophotographer)

It’s that time again; your Nova East Committee has been hard at work planning for this year’s event.  The agenda is now up on the Nova East web site as well as the registration form.  


We also are planning quite a few workshops focusing on several aspects of amateur astronomy, focussing on astrophotography.
 There will be a BBQ and an astro-auction where you might be able to pick up (or get rid of) some astro treasures.
Come to Nova East
you’ll be blown away!

Keji Dark Sky Weekend | Aug 7–9 PDF Print E-mail

  Keji Dark Sky Weekend

5th Anniversary!

2015 Aug. 7–9



Kejimkujik Dark Sky Preserve


Join Parks Canada and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and learn more about the stars, planets, constellations, and galaxies in the night sky!

Schedule of Special Programming

Friday, August 7

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Visitor Center: Come meet astronomers from RASC and find out about the activites planned for the weekend. There will be a solar scope for sun viewing! Keji celebrates its 5th anniversary of Dark Sky Preserve Designation this year! What’s a birthday without a cake?

7:00 pm at the Tuck Shoppe in Jeremy's Bay Campground: “Walk the Moon” family program with Paul Heath of RASC. Free Moon Gazer Guides!

8:30 pm at Peter Point Parking Lot: Join for The Alchemists walk! The path is the goal. The Alchemists study how to combine the four elements to create gold. Join Keji’s achemists on this night walk to create another kind of magic. Sign-up required at the Visitor Center.

9:00 pm at the Sky Circle at P1 in Jeremy's Bay Campground: Meet Ursula for A’tukwaqnn (Communicative Storytelling) – Sit back, relax and let your mind travel back through time to a place when the Stone Canoe was carried by wind and the Invisible Hunter searched for a bride. Limited Parking! Please walk!

10:00 pm at the Sky Circle at P1 in Jeremy's Bay Campground: Join Quinn Smith of RASC and his magic Green Laser Pointer for a guided tour of the sky! This will be followed by public observing with RASC telescopes, weather permitting. Limited Parking! Please walk!

Saturday, August 8

1:00-4:00 pm at the Tuck Shoppe in Jeremy’s Bay Campground: Astronomy Drop-in! Ask an Astronomer, Learn to Use a StarFinder, Telescope Clinic (bring in your own telescopes for tips), How to Photograph Nightscapes and solar viewing!

8:30 pm. at the Amphitheatre at P2 in Jeremy's Bay Campground: Keynote Presentation by David Chapman of RASC: “The Magnificient Sky”

9:30 p.m. at the Sky Circle at P1 in Jeremy’s Bay Campground: Macrocosmos: Observe incredibly distant objects in the dark, pristine night skies of Kejimkujik. Lesley and Paul will help you discover what is going on in the sky tonight. This will be followed by public observing with RASC telescopes, weather permitting. Limited Parking! Please walk!

Sunday, August 17th

4:00 pm Keji Film Society – Meet at the indoor theater of the Visitor Center to watch Sisters of the Sun. This 60 minutes episode explores the violent cosmic phenomenon of supernovas, which on average occur once per galaxy per century or one billion times per year in the observable universe.

9:30 p.m. at the Sky Circle at P1 in Jeremy's Bay Campground: RAIN DATE/CLOUD DATE for Drop-in public observing with RASC telescopes weather permitting.

Regular admission fees apply

For more information, call (902) 682-2772

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