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Ruth Northcott Lecture—Prof. Rob Thacker (SMU)

Raiders of the Lost Galaxy

SMU McNally Auditorium

Saturday, July 4, 2015

8:00 p.m. All Welcome!

We live in ruins. The formation of the Milky Way destroyed generations of progenitor galaxies, and wove their remnants into the beautiful galaxy we know today. Finding, identifying and then piecing together all the relics of these long-lost progenitors is the goal of Galactic Archaeology. A number of upcoming and ongoing telescope projects, including a facility proposed to replace the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope, combined with new theoretical breakthroughs, are about to truly revolutionize our knowledge of the history of our galaxy. Yet there are great challenges ahead. In this talk I'll present a fun overview of ongoing and upcoming projects in galactic archaeology, and where the "hidden dangers" may lie—they aren't black mambas or whips!

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