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November RASC meeting

Youth Talks: StarMus Festival and Chasing Asteroids


Friday, November 17, 2017, 8:00 p.m
We will be meeting at the Atrium Building Room AT101
at Saint Mary's University
All Welcome!

Please note the change in start time of the meeting.

Kathryn & Nathan Gray

Kathryn and Nathan will present their adventures at StarMus IV held in Trondheim, Norway. Starmus IV was a 6-day festival that brought together Science, Art, Music, and Space Exploration under one banner. From keynote speaker Stephen Hawking to the hands-on Virtual Reality displays to the city-wide program, Starmus IV was the largest and most exciting yet! Kathryn was invited to take part as a guest speaker so how could the Gray family not go!

Ruining Zhang

Humans lead quite a comfortable life today on Earth—but so were the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Suspicious of another asteroid impact and deeply concerned for the survival of mankind, Ruining Zhang set out to the New Mexico desert this past summer and determined the orbit of the near-earth asteroid 2005 UP156. She would share her research experience at the Summer Science Program, a 39-day pre-college research program dating back to 1959, and discuss the science behind the orbit determination process, as well as reveal the final fate of 2005 UP156.


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