September RASC Meeting: Summertime Astro Adventures | Fri 21 Sep PDF Print E-mail

September RASC meeting

 "What We Did On Our Summer Vacation"

various presenters

Date:    September 21, 2018

Time:    8:00 - 10:30 PM
Place:  SMU, The Atrium, AT101

As has been the custom in the past few years, September has presentations that answer the question, “What did you do on your summer vacation?” Many members had an interesting summer that they might like to share. To that end, we have a couple of speakers slated for the meeting but we would love to hear from you. Many members had an interesting summer that they might like to share.  Do you have some images (and perhaps challenges you had to overcome to get the shot/look you wanted) you would like to share? How about your newly acquired equipment - scope, binoculars, eyepiece, etc.? Have something else you would like to share? Please contact me if you wish to be included on the agenda and your presentation (5 -15 minutes in length) will be added.

Confirmed speakers at this meeting are:

  • The Elusive Sirius B—Blair MacDonald—Blair will address some of the challenges in spotting the elusive star Sirius B, and what he did to overcome them.
  • Time-Lapses—Jerry Black—Jerry will show some of his time-lapse videos from the summer, including 2018 Nova East.
  • Keji Dark Sky Weekend—Dave Chapman—2018 and Beyond
  • Paul Gray—Constellation Quiz


Treats will be provided for the social time that follows the meeting.